Dua Lipa rocks her PUMA Suede

On the heels of announcing her new partnership with PUMA, Dua Lipa rocked her PUMA Suede during her recent “Studio 2054” show. “Studio 2054” gave viewers the chance to stream Dua’s show at home, as she performed live from a warehouse in the UK. She sang a number of her most popular songs alongside a slew of guest performers including Kylie Minogue, Elton John, FKA twigs, Bad Bunny and Miley Cyrus. The show had a record-breaking 5 million views, surpassing previous streaming numbers of any other artist.

Image credit: Pixie Levinson @pixielevinson.

During the performance, Dancers wore a mix of PUMA footwear and apparel. Dua was also seen wearing pieces like the RS-X during rehearsals. 

The PUMA Suede has been an intrinsic part of history, and it will continue to be for all time. Always available on PUMA.com and at PUMA stores.

All images by Pixie Levinson @pixielevinson.

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