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The defining feature of the OPPO user experience is how these devices empower people to use technology to its full potential, and the magic ingredient is ColorOS. Android is a powerful tool, but much is lost in its complexity. ColorOS sorts through the overwhelming clutter and surfaces the functions you need to complete the task at hand quicker. You still get full access to all Google Services, but in a more approachable way, with extra OPPO value sprinkled on top.

Here are some of the stand-out ColorOS features:

SoLoop Video Editor

This powerful tool analyses your video clips to extract the best shots and arrange them into an eye-catching edit that is ready to post to any social media platform. You still have full control over the creative choices, but the dedicated algorithm will recommend music and different scene styles to elevate your storytelling. Don’t like watching content with the sound on? SoLoop has you covered with automatically generated subtitles.

Private Safe 

Keep those important documents like high resolution copies of your ID and Passport with you at all times and secure it with biometrics so that you never worry if your phone gets lost or stolen. Private Safe is a safe place to lock away anything you don’t want other people to see on your phone.

App Lock

You can never have too many safe spaces to put your data and that extends to your sensitive applications. You can hide your sensitive work apps from prying eyes with a secret code you use like a phone number. In today’s cyber insecure world, this feature can save your job and your business.


Get instant access to all your most used apps and features like screen record or other settings by putting it in the sidebar and have access to it on any screen and in any app. The sidebar icon is discreet enough to not block any of your content and will speed up your workflow.

These are only a few highlights in the existing ColorOS 7.1 built on Android 10. OPPO has already started updating its devices to ColorOS 11 (built on Android 11) and that will bring enhanced notification management, more personalisation options and many more fun features. ColorOS 11 comes to the OPPO A72 and A53s in early 2021.

Priced from R6 999 for the A72, R4 999 for the A53s and R2 999 for the A15, the devices can also be purchased on 24-month contracts and are available at Vodacom Stores, Foschini, Cellucity, 4U, Chatz, Hi, Game and their respectiveonline stores. 

From 7 December 2020 Cellucity will be on a 24-month contract at Cellucity from R249.99 per month. 

Double up on the A-series goodness with these exclusive Double Deals available from 7 December:

OPPO DeviceVodacom Shop, CelluCity, Chatz, 4UGame
A72 + A15From R499pm x 24Plus:
OPPO Rewards x2,
OPPO Enco W11 Ear Buds,
BT Speaker
R500 Store Voucher
From R499pm x 24Plus:
OPPO Rewards x2
OPPO Enco W11 Ear Buds,
BT Speaker
A15 + A15From R299pm x 24Plus:
OPPO Rewards x2
BT Speaker x2
From R279pm x 24Plus:
OPPO Rewards x2
BT Speaker x2
A15 + TabletFrom R369pm x 24Plus:
OPPO Rewards
BT Speaker
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