Converse: Celebrating Local Roots “Creativity with intent”

Evoking in the community how proud they should be about their roots, keeping the culture alive and celebrating with art is what the Converse HO20 ‘Celebrating Our Roots’ campaign is all about; inspiring ALL STARS.

An ALL STAR is a champion of change. Independent enough not to follow & purposeful in the progress they want to create – for themselves & amp; their communities. Those that dare to be bold, embrace what makes them different and have the courage to take the first step forward. Through creative action in sustainability, inclusivity and youth development, All Stars change the game so everyone can play. ALL STAR™

The campaign is about showcasing and celebrating South African roots through
sustainability, diversity and inclusivity.

  • Collectively, there is a powerful diversity and heritage in the story of every ALL STAR
    that shapes their progress today. Getting All Stars to share their stories of celebrating
    roots through creation
  • This is brought into execution through a spectrum of creative expressions from video to photography, illustration, painting, words, sculpturing and anything else within the parameter of vibrant creativity.

This is a season of cultural celebration and inspiration of cultural roots.

“They walked so we could run. We know our history and our roots. Which is why we go our own way and leave a trail, and we’re only getting started. We are ALL STARS”

Lesego ‘Egofreckles’ Sidumo

IG: @egofreckles

  • An aspiring creative and public figure who aims to share his artistic persona with the public.
  • He is inspired by the diverse cultures of South Africa which highly influence he’s artistic expressions and impact his overall day to day life therefore proclaiming his contribution to the media industry as a whole.

Ashlee Cayte
IG: @ashleecayte

  • A multi-disciplinary artist currently focusing on cultural management and creative direction.
  • She is inspired by her diverse local context: “as a South African living in Johannesburg, I am exposed every day to different ideas and cultures. I am interested in understanding and expressing how our differences make us more powerful, and how this should be celebrated when we share spaces with one another. By celebrating our own roots, we empower ourselves in our identities and give others the opportunity to do the same.”

Mpho Mofokeng
IG: @snow_thee

  • A full-time student, content creator/influencer and aspiring TV personality whose had the opportunity of working on Craze as a presenter.
  • “I’m inspired by my friends/peers and those that came before me. Nothing makes me happier than hearing that my friends are winning and nothing gets me more excited than hearing a story of someone from the past who won against all odds.”
  • “Celebrating my roots, means I’m celebrating the reason I’m here today, the reason I can be a creative, the reason I as a black girl with albinism, I can also appear on TV and billboards…it’s appreciating what my people from the past had to sacrifice for the future we have.”

Ntokozo Nkambule
IG: @van_storkovic

  •  A Full Time Student Doing My Final Year at University of Johannesburg Studying BA in Tourism Development. Outside from That I’m A Pantsula Activist, Photographer and A Multidisciplinary Artists.
  •  “I’m A Strong Believer That in Order to Understand Where You Going You Should First Know Where You Come From. So, To Me Celebrating My Roots Means Constantly Reminding Myself of Who I am And to Always Stay True to Myself.”

IG: @steero_god

  • A rapper, producer and video editor on the side.
  • “I usually get inspired by people in the arts. Whether it’s visual or dramatic arts, whenever I see people doing well in their industry it inspires me.”
  • “To me, celebrating my roots means continuing a legacy from the foundation that was built by forefathers or veterans in a particular industry by living up to what they stood/stand for while still achieving a lot in my own right.”

Twin sisters Mfumo and Fumi

  • Mfumo who is a performer that is adamant about redesigning the sculpture of black women in society and her sister Fumi who draws her inspiration from the strength that lies within the human form.
  • As Performing Artists the duo is well established in the poetry scene in and around Johannesburg. Yamoria are trained performing artists having achieved being Current State of Poetry Alumni ,Mzanzi Poetry Academy Alumni and 1st Place for Word n Sound Season9Ep4.

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