Radic The Myth an album that he describes as “poetry without words.”

Radic The Myth has been producing since 2008 from his neighbourhood called Duduza, a small township east of Johannesburg. His deep electronic productions caught the attention of Stay True Sounds label boss Kid Fonque back in 2019. ‘The Myth’ has since released 3 well-received EP’s through the label creating the imprint to his brand and for the sound that he puts out into the world today.

At the beginning of one of the world’s toughest lockdowns South Africans faced earlier this year- Radic decided to place all his heart, soul and energy into a full-length album – an album that he describes as “poetry without words.”

The result is a beautiful 12-track soundscape focused on deep emotionally-driven electronics straight out of the land known for releasing some of the worlds deepest house music – South Africa!

Feedback on EP:

“Some amazing music here! St Tropez is beautiful and I can imagine that being one of those secret weapons for many years. But there’s a lot to love here. Big respect to Radic the Myth and Stay True Sounds for delivering the good stuff.”


“Very strong album with a great overall sound and a lovely loose, unhurried vibe”

Fish Go Deep

“Some nice stuff on here!”


“SHAKERS!! I love it I love it, The SA sound creates house ALBUMS”


“Ok! This is truly enjoyable and unique. I can hear the maturity in sound and the individuality. Great sonics as well. Love it!”

Fred Everything

“Superb LP — Looove it”

Laurent Garnier


Jullian Gomes

“Good One” 


Stream or download: http://africori.to/peachesteddybears

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