Hezekiah EP by Dwson drops under Atjazz Record Company

One of the brightest stars out of the South African house scene joins the family here at ARCo.

Dwson is well known for his subtle deep tones and crafty beat-work. A very sought-after artist/producer cooperating with other great artists & performers such as SIO, JAZZUELLE, J’SOMETHING (MI CASA) & LAZARUSMAN to name only a few.

Here Dwson sticks to his guns and rolls out 4 very attractive pieces of work. An exploration of sound is to be expected here as each song leaves you floating effortlessly through thought as the dense underpinning beats keep you firmly fixed in place. Dwson is one of only a few who can pull this deep and mindful yet chunky dance-floor vibe. Don’t sleep on this EP. You’ll have it in your armory for time!

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