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Once a month Urban Lifestyle will throw the new new mix. The new new mix will include tracks of artists / dj’s that just release new tracks. This month Urban Lifestyle looks at the STY TRU BTS new tracks that were release from June 2019 to September 2020.

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Check the tracklist below or listen to the mix above, by pressing the play icon. The New new September 2020 – STY TRU BTS Track lists:

  1. YoursTruly – Phases Feat. Coco & Ammo Moses

While Dreaming in Colour is his debut EP as YoursTruly, he previously released music under the name of Sinatra Ocean and it was his 2018 EP Still Searching, which was released under that monicker that gained him the attention of Kid Fonque, who then offered to distribute his next EP on his label STY TRY BTS.

YoursTruly describes Dreaming in Colour as an introduction to who he is as a producer.  Stating “it’s the first EP released as YoursTruly.

“Phases” featuring Coco and Ammo Moses was released in 2019, in the lead up to the EP.

2. YoursTruly – Summer Feat Naye Ayla

This track is from the same EP as the previous track, Dreaming in Colour EP, this time featuring Naye Ayla & surprisingly enough this track comes after ‘Phases’.

3. Sio – Native Language

Native Language has been the stand out song from Sio’s debut album ‘sbtxts’.

4. Mateyu – Shallow Waters

‘Shallow Waters’ is from Mateyu EP called ‘Down” EP, find out more about the EP here.

5. YoursTruly – Perfect Timing Feat Foreighn

We are back with YoursTruly and this time with ‘Perfect Timing’ and again from ‘Dreaming in Colour’ EP.

6. Mateyu – Nightfeels

‘Nightfeels’ is from Mateyu EP called ‘Down” EP, find out more about the EP here.

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