The greatest gift that a collective brings to the table is that the sum of its offering is greater than what each individual can produce on their own. It’s this same understanding that informs the energy of three South African new-age musical talents (RFKoncept, Crunchy Sweater and Daev Martian) as trio under the name ИLite; a trinity with the intention to serve vulnerable sound enlightenment that heals souls.

After 2 years spent building their friendship and creating music together, ИLite is ready to offer their debut, self-titled album to the public, to be released under the label STY TRU BTS, the sister label to Stay True Sounds, which is owned by one of South Africa’s most sought-after DJ’s and producers, Kid Fonque.

With an ambient electronic influence and an unmissable hip-hop bounce undertone, this 9-track body of work is an uplifting journey into a meditative dream-state where the weight of the world dissolves and delicate peace takes over.

Featured artists include songwriter & vocalist Sio, as well as rappers ASAP Shembe and Mr.Kudakwashe, all crisply mixed and mastered by Zain Vally.

The trio’s formation is the result of light-hearted jam sessions between friends who all have a different personal sound, but share a common calling to lead the African sonic revolution and be a catalyst for positive vibrations.

Trumpeter Robin Fassie (aka RFKoncept), has a solid history in the South African jazz industry, having performed, toured and recorded alongside award-winning artists such as Nduduzo Makhathini and Bokani Dyer. Daev Martian, adding his signature dreamy keys to the band, is one of the artists at the forefront of the South African electronic music’s progression into an alternative, futuristic, feel.

Chenoa Nwokedi (aka Crunchy Sweater), the band’s guitarist & bassist, has a knack for translating “crunchy” situations into a smooth sound that brings comfort to the listener. Instrumental elements aside, the beat production is an organic, collaborative effort by all the members.

ИLite is an ethereal journey through liquid space, where the energy of every song flows into the next in a natural, wave-like motion. The intention for the project is made known from the first track- which is to inspire, give strength and to enlighten by transcending the boundaries of genre, as a metaphor for how we should transcend the borders and negativity that separate us. This offering is a gift to anyone yearning for a moment to break free and find a new light. 

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