Mixtape Mondays: K’s Vol. 3 (Lovers and friends) Mix

Download the mix here.

Right across Urban Lifestyle our DJs and guests are playing the hottest music every day. Whether you’re into afro pop, soulful house, dance, hip hop or any other kind of music you can find a mix that you’ll love, to listen to right now…

After a long time Urban Lifestyle is back with #MixtapeMonday and this time K bring us a house mix that is all about Lovers & Friends. What is Lovers & Friends mix about? Lovers & Friends celebrates all types of love, romance and platonic love. It is a mix by K that is sure to keep the lovers busy and the new lovers even more busy. Its filled with awesome music from the likes of SculptureMusic, Chronical Deep, George Lesley and many more.

Download the mix here.

Check the tracklist below or listen to the mix above, by pressing the play icon. Mixtape Mondays: K’s Vol. 3 (Lovers and friends) Mix Track lists:

  1. George Lesley & Earl W. Green – Blow My Mind
  2. Artwork feat Tumelo – Never Alone
  3. Chronical Deep, Tahir Jones – Love Therapy (Original Mix)
  4. SculpturedMusic – Maybe 80-81 (Artwork Remix)
  5. George Lesley Ft. Tazzy Lehutso – Round & Round (Original Mix)
  6. Artwork, V.underground, NutownSoul – Time Is Now
  7. Chronical Deep – Karbau

Your opinion always matters, drop us a comment if anything and don’t forget to click the music icon above to listen to the mix or press play on the side.

Download the mix here.

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