I’ll Have a Tea by Elliot Hollins

A brand new EP from Elliot Hollins, brimming with style & electronic soul once again. Elliot’s take on deep house is very clear, he has his own direction and he’s sticking to it.

Kicking off with NADDA, which hangs in the balance of mid-tempo & low-swung-house and rolls with vocal & horns, background textures and lead by crunchy beats & retro bass-lines, this song is full of imagination.

Next up we have, LOADS & LOWS throws us back to the mid 90s as this stripped back pure-deep-house number dabbles with fidgety drums & vocal licks.

Finally I’LL HAVE A TEA, a very established sound and also very modern in its sound-design, anyone into the sound of Atjazz, Jimpster, Glenn Astro all mixed up then you will dig this one.

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