Raymnd NoTypo and PrimeTheGifted is two names that you will see together quite a lot as their prepare to give us an EP titled ‘Goondocs’.

If you are Urban Lifestyle regular, you already know who is Raymnd NoTypo but who is PrimeTheGifted? Stage name, PrimeTheGifted Birth name Tiko Motabatsindi from Chiawelo, Soweto is a recording artists who has a lot to prove wrong to people who underestimate him and to notify people that he is here to stay in the game.

The ‘Goondocs’ EP is based on the cartoon series, Boondocs starring two brothers as is the Goondocs EP. Kicking off the campaign with ‘Made‘. While keeping at the current mainstream sound in Johannesburg and South Africa, the two rappers stay true to the culture that is real Hip-Hop with substantial and prolific rhyming and lyrics.

Made’ is a statement and simply reminds industry the Hip-Hop circle that bars matter just as much as a catchy commercial chorus. Overall the track is dope, the video is dope, we just can’t wait for the EP and more videos from these two.