Samora Mangesi was born and raised in Mdantsane, in East London. He knew that he wanted to have a career in the entertainment industry from a young age, which is why he went on to obtain his BA in Film, in Cape Town, from AFDA. Samora made a name for himself in the industry as the face of one of the biggest youth entertainment shows, Hectic Nine. It was during his time here that he got many young South Africans to fall in love with him due to his charismatic and spicy personality.

Mid 2018 saw a major change for him, as it was announced that he had become the latest presenter on Real Goboza alongside Sinazo. However this wasn’t the first time that he would have been presenting on the show, as he had previously appeared as a guest presenter. He has gone on to bring a different and refreshing youthful element to the 3.5 million viewers of the show.

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