Mixtape Monday: Guest DJ AfroNerd

Afronerd DJ (Real name Jeffrey Lungisani Motekase) is a notorious brand in the house music scene. It all started back in high school 2009, when he started as a DJ, fast forward to a couple of years later he started producing music in 2012 post-matric. Two of the musicians he has always look up to and have inspired his journey throughout of the years has been Shimza and Black Coffee.

When we asked him, “Did you know that music will take you this far in life and if music is what you always wanted to do?”, this is what he had to say

“Those who think they know me, will say I’m a big dreamer and those who really know me, will say I’m a hard worker, I am a go-getter, ambitious and a very patient individual who lives by prayer. From the age of just 16 years, I knew what i wanted and I’ve never looked back.”


Sadly Afronerd DJ didn’t provide us with the track-list for this week mix but if would like to know certain tracks don’t be afraid to give him a shout out on social media with the links below and don’t forget to use the hashtag #MixtapeMonday & #UrbanLifestyle.

Social Media

Facebook: Afronerdofficialpage

Instagram: @afronerd_dj

Twitter: @Afronerd_Dj

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