GOGO Music proudly presents this exquisite single collaboration between Ralf GUM and Bongi Mvuyana who teamed up for a second time, after they presented their celebrated song “Used To Be” in 2019. With “Don’t Let Them Love You” they now come up with another explosive, deep and sexy vocal house jam.

Ralf GUM continues to effortlessly put out work that stands out, something which earned him titles like “influential”, “inspiring” and “gamechanger” within the House Music community during his career, which already spans more than 3 decades. After his fourth full length album release “Progressions” in 2019, he dedicates 2020 towards single projects with artists he admires and continues exploring the meaning of “meeting” in a spiritual sense when collaborating with like minded talent.

Bongi Mvuyana is a South African singer and songwriter who was named the “Glamour Women of the Year Readers’ Choice Award” in 2014. Her song “Used To Be” with Ralf was nominated as the song of year 2019 by US vocal house icon Monique Bingham and after many years of work, refinement and aligning she just presented her first long-player “Dopamine”. In between she found time to pen “Don’t’Let Them Love You” which once more shows her great writing skills.

About the collaboration says:

“When Ralf called me to his home and played me the track, I immediately knew it was going to be a jam. Unlike “Used To Be”, I didn’t really know what to write about until I came across a tweet. A young woman agonised, “How do I find someone who truly loves me? Why do I always end up heartbroken in these relationships?” I know that lament all too well – it’s one that you’ll find lacing the songs on my album, Dopamine. That album was written from my personal highs and lows, and though there isn’t only one formula for finding love, I wanted to use this song as a response from what I’ve learnt. Through the stories I tell in the song, I wanted to drive across the importance of protecting our standards and loving ourselves enough to know we deserve the very best of love. I doubt I’d have articulated any of this well in a tweet – songs are more powerful for me. That we can also dance to this amazing work by Ralf GUM while we glean from the stories, is the beauty in the flexibility of soulful house music.”

Bongi Mvuyana