Local legends Kat La Kat and Leeu team up to bring you their first collaborative Ep on Stay True Sounds.

Being complacent about the norm, they found themselves producing together without stylistic constraints and wanted to experiment with new instruments and a different approach to the creative process.

Broken Secrets is the result, this EP captures the best of both their worlds, featuring a song with Durban based live performer the infamous Vic Mari called Confluence which has that classic nostalgic deep house sound that hints at a certain melancholy.

Broken Secrets is raw and sophisticated, melding bright horn sections with time-bent disco influences and soundscapes grounded by groove and deliberate hard-hitting basslines.
There is undoubtedly an inimitable musical chemistry between Kat La Kat and Leeu that can be heard over After hours, a special song that effortlessly fuses orchestral symphonies with a more delicate yet driven groove very influential of house and dub techno that can also be heard on Togarashi which has this ever-evolving analogue sound that revolves around high energy rhythms and travel’s effortlessly alongside mesmerizing melodies.

The tonal unity of these two producers is something special and the EP is the perfect fit for upcoming golden hours and longer-lasting nights.

What do the DJ’s / Musicians think about it? Check the comments below.

“I very much like what Kat does musically and as a DJ and it’s so refreshing to hear something a bit different. Broken Secrets is a serious cut!”


“Da HEAT is ON!!!”

Vinny Da Vinci

“Massive release from two really talented gents!!! Confluence is a beast!”


“Solid Release! Kat & Leeu … Respect!!”

Jullian Gomes