Download the mix here.

Right across Urban Lifestyle our DJs and guests are playing the hottest music every day. Whether you’re into afro pop, soulful house, dance, hip hop or any other kind of music you can find a mix that you’ll love, to listen to right now…

We are still on Lockdown – level 3 and it is a public holiday, so we are going to give you a mix by Soulfulists. Soulfulists are back, this time with a live mix they played at CookOutSunday on the 3 May 2020 on CookOutSunday Facebook & Instagram Live which you can watch below or press the play button above and just listen to the audio.

The last time Soulfulists were on Urban Lifestyle, they brought a fire mix as a guest DJ. Have a listen or download it here (Mixtape Monday: The Soulfulists – The Groove Mix).

Download the mix here.

Sadly the duo didn’t provide us with the track-list for this week mix as their said enjoy listening to the mix, don’t worry about which track their are playing.

Your opinion always matters, drop us a comment if anything here pleases your ears. Don’t forget to click the music icon above to listen to the mix or press play on the side.