Howler is thrilled to launch its new interactive event-streaming product, Howler Stream, created to provide a much-needed online event solution for event organisers, promoters, artists who know that the show must go on… even if the world has changed.

In addition to ticket sales (including donation capabilities), payment-gated access control on any stream, audience engagement via interactive chat and video call features, and brand and product placement, Howler Stream provides full music copyright licensing and access to insights from advanced data reporting and analytics.

The product can be fully white-labelled, customised and skinned – so that the event organizer, promoter, artists owns the streamed event/content in its entirety. From start to finish.

Key features include:

  1. List/ Create Your Event – With the most innovative event-tech company globally. Get access to our Organiser Portal.
  2. Sell/ Manage Tickets – Setup different ticket types. Capture key customer information. Get paid weekly.
  3. Produce it & Stream it- Embed your stream & get access to our streaming platform’s market leading features. Gate your stream. Make it professional using our production and content partners.
  4. Expert Marketing – Our in-house specialist will help attract your audience. Plus use our extensive reach to your benefit.
  5. Activate Sponsors & Brands – Invite your sponsors and advertisers – we can activate their brands on our platform and help them reach their audience.
  6. Get Data and Analytics – Understand your audience with Howler’s advanced reporting and analytics.
  7. Get Donations – Via cards, QR codes and more. Donations board and progress slider to help your audience engage with your CSI project.
  8. Virtual Social Rooms – Enliven your audience with memorable interactions. Spotlight individuals. Interview your artists.
  9. Live Call and Chat – Break away and connect on a personal level with live text and video chats.
  10. We’ll Support it – Advisory and account management. Event management. Processing payments. Financial management. 12/7 customer support.

There are four Howler Stream packages available, from fully do-it-yourself to a partnership with Howler, and two options in between.

Howler Stream was developed in the wake of DreamStream, the online digital festival experience that emerged from a locked-in world, in support of SAFE, The South African Fund For Entertainment, and raised half a million bucks in one weekend. It welcomed 50,000 viewers from 130 countries, with over 9000 Zoom Room participants.

With the whole world turning to online and virtual events, this is a time to support local!

Event promoters and organisers are invited to list their event today:

For more information enquire at