What do you get when you cross-pollinate music, fashion and African excellence with a keen sense of curiosity?

Set to premiere on Channel O next week, Remix.Studio is a refreshing new concept that celebrates multi-dimensional creativity by providing a fluid space for beloved African musicians – established and emerging – to expand on fan-favourite anthems by reinterpreting them in a live setting, both sonically and visually.  

Taking the idea of the conventional remix and pushing its limits, the concept is unique in that, in addition to the never-before-heard live rendition of the song that each episode will focus on, the artist is also styled in 3 different bespoke outfits that add a vibrant visual dimension to the remix experience. 

Coupled with whimsically colourful graphics and sing-along lyrics that will appear on screen; bonus verses, melodic interpolations, a cappella cadences, stripped down ballads and masterful auto-tuned vocals are among the diversely inspired deliveries you can expect to experience from some of the continent’s most exceptional artists.

These will include, AKA (South Africa), Sauti Sol (Kenya), Tresor (DRC), Tshego (South Africa), Lucille Slade (South Africa), Sió (South Africa), Aubrey Qwana (South Africa), Muzi (South Africa), Taylor Jade (Namibia) and Dee Koala (South Africa). 

Each episode will also feature an exclusive interview with each performer that will allow viewers insight into the artistic process of crafting their song, as well as the deeper meanings behind the lyrics.

“As a young artist from Khayelitsha, knowing my voice will be heard across the African continent is just mind blowing. Super amped to be the first artist featured on the new exciting show Remix.Studio. I know this is gonna change everything,”

commented Dee Koala

Remix Studio is set to premier on Channel O on Friday the 5th June 2020at 5pm, and repeats on Saturday at 3pm.

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