He may only have a few releases under his belt like the EP he has released under Stay True Sounds & DM Records with Ebenezer EP 2 & Ebenezer EP but LaTique still has a lot to offer. His brand new EP entitled 11TH HOUR is literally overflowing with high quality deep house gems.

R.J.C.T.S (RARE TOUCH) kicks off, a very welcoming intro to an amazing EP with soft yet techy tones that open the story. SHE KILLED MY EX bumps along on a bed of air with a very established & identifiable sound with crunchy, european tones throughout. LaTique then follows with the title song 11TH HOUR, a superb DEEP HOUSE track that also grows into another wonderful story, brilliant use of light vocal samples breeze atop of chunky bass bumps & sollid beat crafting. Ending the release is OUT NUMBERED (RARE DUB) which slows the pace into 6/8 time and skips along dealing out sacks full of lushness.

It is a purely brilliant EP from Atjazz Record Company.