Mateyu is a producer/beatmaker based in Cape Town, South Africa. Living in a such a culturally rich melting pot of creative individuals, he strives to be as open-minded with his art and simultaneously lace it with his own identity. The philosophy of not being “genre-bound” is ultimately what he would like to perpetuate to his audience.

The “DOWN” EP is an amalgamation of moods from a single seating of digging. It was created in a period where the majority of the music he was digesting was live instrumentation. That’s what left him with the initial inspiration. Instinctively he wanted a live element, and that’s where I had the pleasure of recording Theo (Cape Town-based Producer/Musician) on the guitar and eventually re-sampled those recordings.

Early DJ Feedback‬

Great work here!


‬Nightfeels… Vibe!‬

Jullian Gomes

So chilled !‬

Zito Mowa

The “Down” EP is available for streaming:‬