High talented record producer and DJ Juelz O has been featured on Urban Lifestyle before, and this is when he was a guest DJ on Mixtape Monday and now he is back with a new afro house EP titled 6001.

The EP is simply unique with the fusion of kwaito, tribal, deep, vocals and soulful house music which are the factors that have shaped this beautiful 4 track EP. In this EP Juelz O wanted to present a mixture of a few vocal and non vocals in a very hype dance floor style with a cross over for the Afro House/Tech audience to all appreciate.

One track that will relate to his audience will be “Free” Feat Short Base which was released in 20 February 2018, which can be expected on the album again but this time it will be an afro house version and we must say this version is on fire.

Overall this EP is a must have EP on your playlists from ‘African Movement’ to ‘Rumba’ and if you are a DJ request this EP from Juelz O with the social media links below to be included on your DJ playlist cause all tracks on this EP are on fire and you can also expect it on one of Urban Lifestyle Mixtape Monday’s Mixes.

Download or stream 6001: https://linktr.ee/JuelzO

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