Mixtape Mondays: K’s Vol. 1 Mix

Download the mix here.

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K has joined forces with Amy to give you the weekly mixies of Mixtape Monday and this is his second mix so far from the year 2020. The mix is called Mixtape Mondays: K’s Vol. 1 Mix or should we rather call it a Dwson Appreciation Mix because he is the most featured artist / producer / DJ in the mix? Give your thoughts or any suggestions below.

Download the mix here.

Check the tracklist below or listen to the mix above, by pressing the play icon. Mixtape Mondays: K’s Vol. 1 Mix Track lists:

  1. N.W.N. – Play With My…
  2. CipherSkillz – Reflection of my Imgination
  3. Fka Mash – Feelings Feat. Naak Musiq
  4. Dwson – Nobody Else feat. Sio
  5. Dwson – Forbidden feat Sio
  6. Dwson – Late Nights Ft. SGVO
  7. Punk Mbedzi – Milk & Honey feat FKA Mash
  8. Kat La Kat & Dwson – Tonight
  9. Claudio – Moonspheres ft Simeon

Your opinion always matters, drop us a comment if anything and don’t forget to click the music icon above to listen to the mix or press play on the side.

Download the mix here.

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