Many may argue that it isn’t the best time to release new music as the entire world is on lockdown due to the Corona virus outbreak but as a matter of fact, now is the perfect time to bring the music to life from home, all in the spirit of love and reassuring everyone that we will be okay.

Straight from the 1520 (East Rand area code), musician and producer, Jst Sako will be releasing a new single titled, “Molo” on the 15th of May 2020. With this new offering, he wants it to be a source of comfort for everyone during this difficult time.

Jst Sako will be having a few LIVE performance sessions on his social media platforms to share a couple of music exclusives with supporters of his music leading up to the release date. Catch the wave on his socials:

Instagram: @Jst_Sako / @GeobekRecords

Twitter: @Jst_Sako / @GeobekRecords

Facebook: @Jst_Sako / Geobek Records