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Right across Urban Lifestyle our DJs and guests are playing the hottest music every day. Whether you’re into afro pop, soulful house, dance, hip hop or any other kind of music you can find a mix that you’ll love, to listen to right now…

Once a month Urban Lifestyle will throw the new new mix. The new new mix will include tracks of artists / dj’s that just release new tracks. This month Urban Lifestyle looks at Stay True Sounds Record Company new tracks that were release from January 2020 to April 2020.

Download the mix here.

Check the tracklist below or listen to the mix above, by pressing the play icon. The New new April – Stay True Musico New New Mix Track lists:

  1. Manyelo Dafro – Heal Afrika

Manyelo Dafro is a duo consisting of Aero Manyelo & Dafro who have joined forces to create a unique production team. Manyelo Dafro EP – “Heal Afrika” which is experimenting with Afro, Electronics & Techno. Their are producing something totally fresh and exciting in the South African dance space.

2. Radic The Myth – Zulu Gangsta

What really sets him apart is his amazing African twist he has added on his production which set him apart from other Tech-House producer which is a good thing for him because it will be easily to identify his music which is what Stay True Sounds is all about “a record label that places good taste over hits and longevity over trends.”

3. SGVO – Footprints

The 19 year old kid is doing wonders for his age, specially on this production. Find out what we had to say about this track which is included in SGVO – February Print EP.

4. LaTique Feat. Pierre Johnson – Vx23

LaTique wants to be an artist that will be highly recognised and easily identified for his ‘rare touch’ sound. In taking the common audio elements associated to Afro House, LaTique took these elements to a more deeper side of the genre and cleverly packages his music in a way that can undeniably be accepted by both house-loving continents – Africa and Europe.

5. Chronical Deep – Make You (My Girl)

This track is from Nothing is Impossible EP. Find out what we had to say about the EP here.

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Download the mix here.