beatsbyhand is the latest producer on the rise to come out of Port Elizabeth, a small seaside town based in South Africa. PE’s music scene is best known for its bounce, and this young producer doesn’t disappoint with his debut on Stay True Sounds.

He spent 7 years playing multiple instruments in a church band, which would later serve as a good background for understanding music and it’s different components. Inspired by electronic-dance-music, he started producing at the age of 18, when he got introduced to music production software, FL Studio by his close friend. He was now able to express his own musical ideas, not with a solo instrument, but as a musical arrangement, designing and crafting sounds and rhythms that would later, somewhat unintended, have people moving on dance floors around the country.

After finding success as Advent, he felt that something was missing. There was a different type of music; a different sound, a different tempo, a different feeling that he wanted to induce, but having been set on a different path, he could not take on this journey, and so, the birth of beatsbyhand took place. His decorative hand-mannequin had come to life, Godsent, to create these beats on his behalf. Spawned from a partition of his soul, beatsbyhand continues on this separate journey, creating hand-crafted-beats to move the feet for whoever is listening.

The “Wavy” EP is a 3 tracks of bass-heavy, floor fillers for your feet! Buy or stream‬

Producers / DJ’s Feed Back

Wavy is wicked​!

Dj Christos


Vinny Da Vinci

Every single one of the tracks here are super dope!

Kat La Kat

Very solid EP, my favourite being ‘Karate’. It goes in!!!

Oscar Mbo