Let’s be frank, the past three weeks have wreaked havoc for the entertainment industry of South Africa with many events either being cancelled outright or postponed for later in the year. Jobs are either on the line or have been lost and credit facilities maxed out.

For the past few weeks Howler have been hard at work thinking, how can they keep the industry on life support?

Luckily, thanks to the determination of event producers, musicians, artists, dancers and the entertainment industry as a whole, the fight to stay alive has been ongoing with many using their digital platforms to connect with audiences and most importantly, keep the show going.

Whilst these individuals have been able to keep the industry alive, online, Howler believes that it is important that we help each other grow and show off the various live talent and events that many South Africans can tune into, throughout the lockdown period and possibly the next month or two after that.

How do we do this?

Last week, Howler began to list virtual and online events and live-streams – giving customers a one-stop-online-events shopfront. One huge directory of artists, performers, entertainers, bloggers, chefs, fitness instructors, and much more. They would love you to be included.

Here’s the goal:

  • Build the largest online livestream event portal.
  • Give you a platform for your online free and paid for events to be listed in one place.
  • Help you to generate income through donations/ paid streams
  • Create a space for new fans to follow and engage with you.
  • Once we have loads of listings up, launch some a killer marketing to drive customers to the site. We’ll also offer notification reminders before you go live.

Head to organisers.howler.co.za and create a new event (click here to learn how). You’ll see a new “Online Event” option available. Include the URL (whether it be Zoom, FB, YouTube) or use our dedicated streaming software which allows you to embed a unique stream on your event page, only accessible by customers who have registered or paid. Customers receive an email with your link, and you can use the Howler platform to build your database or charge for tickets. You can also use our promo tools to engage with them. 

Zoom, Google Meet or Skype is great but why rather support a local service. We are also wavering our commissions to help get you started. If it’s a paid for event, only the bank fee will apply. This only applies to Online events. 

Over the next few weeks, Howler will be fine-tuning the process and driving traffic to the website – which will help drive traffic to YOUR live streams. That’s more views for all the amazing events that are out there! Keep an eye out for updates.

Let’s work together in keeping the entertainment industry alive.

For more information on how to fully utilise the Howler platform to host your online event, click here, or if you are selling tickets to raise money for non-profit, please either e-mail support@howler.co.za or visit www.howler.co.za.