Have you ever heard of Velvet Denim? Denim stands for tough, rugged, strong, while velvet stands for caressing, luxury, softness. Well, DIESEL’s latest mash-up in jeans are precisely hybrids of denim and velvet. A combination of two fabrics which contradict each other but are both relaxing, comfortable, good looking and sexy. Diesel is the place where being unpredictable and full of contradictions has always been embraced and loved by millions. By pairing denim and “flock” (velvet trim),

DIESEL has created a new fabric that is the ideal transition piece for summer to fall and winter. The velvet-effect denim adds a smooth finish to classic silhouettes and is available in three styles for women along with three styles for men. Multiple color offerings are DIESEL’s autumnal answer for brightly-hued summertime jeans. The idea behind “FOR SOFTIES” is simple: we all know characters and personalities that are strong and hard on the outside, yet tender and compassionate at heart. The fact that you look so rough, does not mean that you are a bad guy or girl. The images of this campaign showcase this concept—and promote looking past stereotypes and below the surface. As they say, do not judge a book by its cover.

DIESEL’s Fall 2019 Denim campaign “For Softies” takes a direct approach, with full-body photography of individuals that may initially come across as “tough.” Think heavy make-up, tattoos, and leather. But each character is portrayed showing a crack on their hidden kind nature: holding a baby, a teddy bear, a sewing kit or a musical instrument. The campaign suggests the notion that hard and soft can easily go side-by- side—just like in DIESEL’s latest jeans. Always innovating, always challenging conventions, with denim at its heart. This is DIESEL.

The Velvet Denim collection will locally be available online and in stores from 7 November 2019.