Apple Music has chosen beat-busting combo, Elizée & Malachi for the New Artist Spotlight for August 2019. These fresh and hungry artists are carving a resounding groove on the stage aiming to inspire fans of all ages with a uniquely Afro-Hip Hop style.

Both Elizée & Malachi have matured as home-grown, self-taught artists, aiming to take their African Hip Hop sound onto a global platform. Their debut EP titled “Lavish Mentality” focuses on their message to remain positive and to never give up on one’s dreams and aspirations for the future. Being picked out and signed by Sony has boosted their confidence, helping to develop their diverse qualities as well as providing a launch-pad from which to strive for world domination!

Inspired by the likes of Drake, Tory Lanez and Travis Scott, both had already dropped separate EP’s (“Prior To Louis” by Elizée and “The Book of Malachi”) before coming together as a duo.

In answer to how they feel about being honoured as the Apple Music New Artist Spotlight of the month, ““Esskeetiiit” by Lil Pump….That’s our way of saying we are so excited we can’t contain it. It’s really amazing to see Apple Music support young artists in the beginning of their careers. It shows the faith that the platform has in quality music as well as their commitment to investing in developing artists.”

Their hot new EP consists of the following tracks: “Same Energy”; “Pull Up”; “Cost”; “Lavish”; “Drip”; “The Hill II” featuring The Big Hash; “Mustang” and “State Of Mind”.

With over 50 million songs, Apple Music offers a free 3-month trial with no commitment and is ad-free. Apple Music is available on iPhone and iPad and also for download from Google Play for Android devices.