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What’s more terrifying than being a newcomer comedian? Being a newcomer comedian with five minutes on stage to impress some of SA’S biggest names in comedy. Welcome to the annual Savanna Newcomer Showcase, wait a minute why are we saying it like we are hosting the event or this is a script for Aluve Mjali to say???? But any way this is where emerging comedians get their time to shine, as well as giving  comedy heavyweights, media and potential agents a chance to see the next big thing  just like our friend Tsitsi Chiumya, I bet he doesn’t remember this video below back in 2017 when he was trying out at the Savanna Newcomer Choice 2017.

Fast forward a couple months later he was nervous but he didn’t win, check the video below to see how that went down.

A year later he won his award at Savanna Comics Choice Awards as SAVANNA NEWCOMER OF THE YEAR, the award was given to him by the host of the Savanna Newcomer Choice 2017 Kagiso Lediga. Check the video below.

Now we are in 2019 at the Savanna Newcomer Choice in Soweto Theater with the host of the night Tsitsi Chiumya, who did not only show why he is on his way to becoming one of the country’s best comedic talent but also created an encouraging atmosphere for the budding comics.

There was definitely no shortage of laughter once the show was underway, with all 24 comedians delivering outstanding performances. 

We can’t wait to see which one of these stars earn the Newcomer of the Year award this time around.