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Co-founder and producer of Cape Town’s premium Hip Hop outfit 5th Floor, Camo, is an independent Hip Hop artist who has a diverse background in the creative industry.

Camo embraces knowledge of self as a backdrop to his sound. His story as a previously disadvantaged kid and making something positive makes him relatable to both local and international underprivileged communities alike. His lyrics reveal meaning in everyday life while drawing on lessons from his own life experiences.

Shaolin jazz, his first solo EP was launched on the 25th of September 2014 by Red Bull Studios. The EP thus far has received a great response, it features some of South Africa’s most exciting emcee’s and vocalists. The project is an electronic hip-hop/soul tape with a jazz edge, it pays tribute to the ethics of hip hop.

The Cape Town musician has shared platforms with artist world wide. The caliber ranges from local & international artists like Ninja Tunes, Dead Prez, Black Thought of the Roots, Talip Kweli through to outfits like Slum Village, Blu & Exile to name a few.

Soul Survivor features artists like Kooley High, Little Simz, Oddisee and Submers, check the tracklist below or listen to the mix above, just press the play icon.

Mixtape Mondays: Camo – Soul Survivor Track lists:

  1. Kooley High – Cool Out / Tranquility
  2. Mahalia – Sober
  3. Saba – Grey
  4. Diversa – Anaise
  5. Masego & Medasin – Trapscat (Get Loose)
  6. Esta – Luna
  7. Jericho Jackson – Talkin’ Bout
  8. Noname – Bye Bye Baby
  9. ????
  10. Esta – SeaOfDesire
  11. Pac Div – Gorgeous
  12. Evil Needle – Rendez Vous
  13. Little Simz – One in Rotation / Wide Awake
  14. Masego – Navajo
  15. Smino Feat. Ravyn Lenae – Glass Flows
  16. Oddisee – Chocolate City Dreaming
  17. Shawn Jackson – Fix Ya Face
  18. Submerse – Melonkoly (Elaquent Remix)
  19. Jay Dee Feat. Phat Kat – Track

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