Group. is a new age hip-hop duo based out of Minneapolis, MN. Creating sounds that mix rap, electronic, r&b and pop, group. has something for every kind of listener. In early 2018, artists aaron. (formerly known as Audyo) and NoxInBox joined forces and released their first EP, Yesterday I, together in March.
Within the first months of being formed, group. shared stages with artists like noname and have played music festivals while booking local shows in Minneapolis. Recently, the second project, Crystals, was released on September 28th. The EP follows the group as they explore and create a new wave of lo-fi hip-hop, chill hop, and rock music.
Group. is currently working on their third project and performing locally.
Never Again was the second and last song NoxInBox and aaron put out before GROUP. was formed. Despite the title, it is being released again with newly recorded vocals from aaron. rapping and NoxInBox singing! It’s about a pretty bad break up that aaron had and it is something different; the perfect balance of EDM and Hip-hop.