As you have seen, comparing the other years, this year CookOutSunday has been different. Usually Cookout happens every month but this year they will only be four events which means it will now be (quarterly). So far they have been two installment and the third will be happening on the 30 September 2018.

You have been seeing different videos of CookOut but what are the five things people expect? The five things people can expect are the following:

  1. a safe family environment;
  2. great culinary experience;
  3. beautiful ambience;
  4. affordable prices on food and beverages;
  5. great entertainment;

The aim of CookOutSunday has always been to stand out as a food event. As an event, they have helped to create up to 500 job opportunities with everyone from food vendors to ordinary members of the community benefiting from each event.

Now you have seen The 2nd Installment of CookOutSunday 2018 Part 1 now check out what happens when the sun goes down in The 2nd Installment of CookOutSunday 2018 Part 2 by clicking the play icon above.