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There you are on a Saturday night, in the depths of a club. Humidity hangs in the air; tingling bodies jostle for position on the dancefloor; other things that you traditionally associate with nightclubs are happening because you’re in a nightclub and that’s what happens in nightclubs. For an hour or so now the music’s been rigidly instrumental, just a clanking lattice of percussion and stabs, curlicues of curdled melody and flurry-punches of sub-bass. And then, like day break, like grey skies into blue, there’s a vocal. There’s something real and human and there. This week edition is all about vocal house vs non vocal house.

Now we’ve spent merely scratching the surface of this week’s edition of Mixtape Mondays. Check the tracklist below or listen to the mix above, just press the play icon.

Mixtape Mondays: Amy’s vol. 2 Track lists:

1. Kojo Akusa – Bring it to me
2. Jazzmattik feat Missum – And other worlds (Boddhi Ancestral Mix Soul Mix) (Boddhi satva ancestral soul mix)
3. Chymamusique – Jazz according to house (Main Mix)
4. Atjazz & Jullian Gomes – Overshadowed
5. The Layabouts Feat Portia Monique – Bring me Joy
6. Meropa – Get up
7. Dawson Feat Sio – Forbidden

You opinion always matters, drop us a comment if anything here pleases your ears. Don’t forget to click the music icon above to listen to the mix or press play on the side.