Another week, another updated on Mixtape Mondays for your listening pleasure. In an effort to keep your earbuds satisfied and keep up with the non-stop pace of the internetz, we give you Mixtape Monday’s and we’re sharing it with you every Monday, to help accommodate your week plans. This is the place on the songs you might have missed, and more importantly, the songs you really need in your life this week.

We’ve brought the heat this week with a variety of tracks from fresh talent alike keeping the deep house genre respectful and tasteful.

Meropa inspired by bringing you, music lovers, a moving musical experience like no other, that will last in your memories for eternity.

Whether it be a corporate event or shisa nyama Sunday chillout, Meropa has the gift of the gods that enables them to cast a wicked spell through quality music, across any setting, environment or space.

Now we’ve spent two paragraphs merely scratching the surface of this week’s edition of Mixtape Mondays. Check the tracklist below or listen to the mix above, just press the play icon

Mixtape Mondays: Movado Gold Monday with Meropa Track lists:

  1. Sheldon So Goode – Everytime (Original)
  2. Audiodope, Fevasoul – Lightwork ( Phil Asher Remix)
  3. Aisling Iris – Hey Lover ( Josh Grooves Remix)
  4. Sebb Junior & Tasha Larae – Never be alone (The Soullab Vocal Remix)
  5. Mike City Feat. Carl Thomas – 100 Miles (Frankie’s RBL SND Vocal Mix)
  6. Smol, Aces Bliss, Soul Diva – 365 Days (Original Mix)

You opinion always matters, drop us a comment if anything here pleases your ears. Don’t forget to click the music icon above to listen to the mix or press play on the side.