The intersection of creativity across music, visual art, design, illustration and business. An intimate crowd having intimate conversations. Ballantine’s Scotch whisky, music and passionate people. This was the second edition of Ballantine’s Stay True Labs, held in Braamfontein, Joburg on 25 April.

Designed to be an informal sit-down session to give artists, creators, producers and designers the space to make connections and have meaningful discussions, last night’s Stay True Labs brought together different people from different backgrounds telling their different stories. But what was consistent throughout was their passion for being authentic and their commitment to staying true to their craft.

On the couch were Kid FonqueAfrican Ginger and Daev Martian, who, individually, have made and continue to make strides in their fields of music, producing, illustration and design. Collectively, they represent a lot of what Stay True is about: being as authentically you as possible.

For just over an hour, the conversations touched on many aspects of the stay true journey: the long road to getting there, the struggle to keeping it real and feeding the creative beast.

There was a lot that came out of 90 minutes on the couch. Watch the video above to see some of the staff that came out or see part 1 here