FKA Mash Siyobloma EP

The highly motivated, multi talented FKA Mash is a true musician, producer and entrepreneur, dedicated to providing the public with nothing but the best quality music the country has to offer.

Fka Mash releases his 2nd EP for Stay True Sounds. The title track ‘Siyabloma’ features the vocal talent of Tahir Jones & has become something of an anthem in South Africa, dark & slow, soul for the future! The rest of the EP really sums up the unique sound that Fka Mash has created and Stay True Sounds are so happy to be part of that journey.


  1. Siyabloma ft Tahir Jones
  2. Ubumnandi Abupheli
  3. We Belong To The Night

Connect with FKA Mash:

Facebook: @ReakFkaMash
Twitter: @RealFkaMash
Instagram: @RealFkaMash

Support Fka Mash by buying the EP here

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