Mixtape Mondays: Jus Sai Mix Vol. 1

We’ve selected beautiful, smooth, deep tracks, perfect for the sunrise after parties, when you’re still floating, but you don’t quite have the energy to bust out your peak time moves.

I know we say this every week, but this week really is a very lit mix.

Are we missing the most fire song you’ve ever heard in your life??? Let us know in the comments, we’ll be checking them out and possibly making additions to the mix as we see fit.

Mixtape Mondays: Jus Sai Mix Vol. 1 Track lists:

  1. Billowjazz – Parental Anniversary (Original Mix)
  2. Myazisto – Lublin
  3. Pierre Johnson – Movin’ On (Original Mix)
  4. Dwson – Luna
  5. Ben Werchohlad – Means Are The End (Thorne Miller Remix)


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