In an effort to keep your earbuds satisfied and keep up with the non-stop pace of the internetz, we give you Mixtape Monday’s and we’re sharing it with you every Monday, to help accommodate your week plans. This is the place on the songs you might have missed, and more importantly, the songs you really need in your life this week.

Sometimes finding the right, or rather, perfect playlist for a mix is the hardest thing in the world. Maybe you need something to clear your mind during a late-night drive. Or possibly, you’re throwing a house party and you need a mix massive enough to allow you to enjoy your surroundings without worrying about being the DJ all night. That’s where we got your back. Daev Martian, (Born Dave Moyo in 1992), is a producer/artist/DJ from Johannesburg, South Africa. Daev has been around music for virtually all of his life due to the fact that his father is an apt bass guitarist.

His sound is a futuristic and eclectic gathering of influences from jazz, hip hop and electronic music. His music career was stirred up when he learned how to use DAW’s for making music in 2009. While still consistently making beats, Daev also began writing lyrics to his own instrumentals & uploading them on the internet. Since then Daev Martian’s music has been progressive.

Putting his music on the internet has opened many doors for Daev. He released his first official EP, Sometimes, under California-based indie label Goldie Records. His self-directed music video, ETYM, was released in November 2015. His self-produced single, Stay (Plunged), was featured on the Bandcamp Weekly show. His second EP, Gears, was released by Gentle Records (Australia) on 25 November 2015. In 2016, Daev released his third EP, uMoya, with Stay True Sounds (South Africa) – a label founded by Kid Fonque and Julian Gomes.

Daev Martian is also a featured artist on Julian Gomes’s album Late Dreamer. Thus far Daev has shared the stage with IAMNOBODI (Soulection), Daddy Kev (Low End Theory), Ryan Hemsworth, Dj Kenzhero, Card On Spokes, and Ricky Rick, to name a few.

Mixtape Mondays: Daev Martian April Mix Track lists:

  1. ASAP Shembe – Shembe Intro
  2. Shekinah – Rose Gold
  3. Daev Martian – Lazy Games
  4. Daev Martian – Soweto Knights
  5. Montell2099 – Whats Your Name
  6. Daev Martian -Salt/Light
  7. Daev Martian – Saev (ft. Laudable)
  8. Alex Wiley – Still Callin’ (ft. Jay Prince)
  9. Tsuruda – Gina’s Coffee
  10. Daev Martian – Blue Tick Tricks
  11. ECHLN – Honey (feat. Hunter Rose) [IIndMan Remix]
  12. UNDA – 24’s Still Wet
  13. Daev Martian – Unreleased
  14. C Y G N – One Two
  15. glue70 – Nice Trees
  16. Kiefer – In Pursuit of U
  17. Daev Martian – iThank You (Unreleased)
  18. Daev Martian – Dom x2
  19. Afta-1 LA Samba3
  20. Tyler, the Creator – Potholes (ft Jaden Smith)
  21. Nkosi – SAHAJA High (Prod. C Y G N)
  22. Bishop Neru – You Stressin’ (ft. Disclosure)
  23. Odd Future – Oldie
  24. Kid Cudi – Ashin’ Kusher
  25. Chee – Shwift
  26. Daev Martian – Out Tho