Jay Daniel has become one of the leading artists in the latest generation of Detroit electronic music-makers. In the five years he has been on the scene, he released the Scorpio Rising EP on Theo Parrish’ Sound Signature Records, Karmatic Equations on Kyle Hall’s Wild Oats Music, and featured on Funkineven’s Abyss, all in 2014; all while gig-hopping from New York to London, Japan to Australia, and all points in between.

In 2015, Jay took it to the next level with the creation of his own record label, Watusi High, releasing his first EP, School Dance.

2016 sees him releasing his debut full length “Broken Knowz” via Technicolour, the Ninja Tune sublabel geared more specifically towards leftfield house and techno.

The nine-track LP “signals a departure from Jay’s previous output,” says the label. “Disillusioned with the constraints of drum programming, he retreated to his mother’s basement, picked up his drumsticks and started recording into a multitrack mixer for the first time.”

Q & A

  1. What is essential for you to create?

For me to create I need a comfortable environment & mental clarity.

  1. What does it mean to be original?

To be original means that you are able to take influences from any & everything & translate it into something that is unique.

  1. How do you remain authentic and true to yourself?

I remain authentic by only creating music that resonates with me. Also by not being led by my emotions but rather arranging them in a way that allows me to create.