Music Video: Omen ft Hitlab – Nomayini

Sabelo Omen Mzizi can be best described as a candle that has consumed itself for years, to light the way for many of Mzantsi’s current successful artist’s .Hailed as one of the best producers in our country, having produced ground breaking albums for award winning artists. ‘The chef’ as he fondly refers to himself, has lived up to his icon status in popular culture.

It all started back in ’96 during the Lé Club era, which produced most of our countries current prolific Hip Hop Ambassadors. The likes of Amu and Pro to name a few. During that era, Omen would be seen ripping the mic at the now defunct club however, he would quickly re-establish himself from ‘Umrapper’ to an acclaimed music producer.

He has come a long way since the release of ‘wide,’ a single he worked on with Pro Kid. He has since worked with many artists proving his unmistakable skill as a hit maker. Flabba of Skwatta camp fame would concure with the statement that he had a good omen when working on his debut album “Nkuli vs. Flabba”. It was the creative input of Omen’s mantle as a producer that would see Flabba scooping the Best Hip Hop artist award at the 2007 Sama Awards for their hit track “isbham somdoko”. His work with other artists such as Mzambiya has also seen them earning nominations at the Samas for their efforts. His collaboration with Pro Kid is quite notable having worked with him on three albums “heads and Tales,” “DNA” and “Dankie San”. Omens work on “Heads and Tales” saw Pro earning 3 Sama nominations in the Best Newcomer, Best Hip-Hop and Song of the Year categories.

Who would ever forget the album “The Takeover” by Hidden force? That featured songs like “Because I was drunk,” “Happy song,” featuring the man himself Omen and the party banger “Tsokotsa” which made SA fans fall in love with the Eastrand based outfit.

Indeed, much of the success of the album, besides the group’s talent, was largely the pure genius of Omens musical ability as a producer.

Omen might call himself ‘The Chef’ but he has undoubtedly been the secret ingredient behind the success of many of our countries musicians. This has seen his talents being utilized by the likes of Sama Hip-hop winner Mr Selwyn, for his album “The formula”, My Man Zuluboy, Mandoza’s Ngalabesi, Slikour on the ventilation album and, he has worked on extensive material for Maggz on his long awaited mixtape “sorry for the long wait mixtape,” (voted #2 best mixtape by Hype magazine) which has music lovers still banging their heads.

If you are still not convinced of Omen’s sheer brilliance, then ask yourself this: How many artists can boast of having shared the stage with international mega Stars such as Busta Rhymes?

As if his resumé is not anything short of spectacular, Smirnoff and Willard’s enlisted his help to compose and produce songs/scores for their respective brands marketing campaigns. He has gone on to produce two songs for One (now known as Live) for their Christmas special and he is featured on a track with Maggz,Pro and Sgebi on the soundtrack of Grammy award winning movie Tsotsi.

He works relentlessly and his hard work has seen him being voted Best producer at the 2007 Hype Awards by Hype magazine. He also worked on Mzambiya’s comeback album and saw him earn a SAMA Nomination for Best Kwaito 2010.

The X factor behind Omen’s success can be largely attributed to his Fresh and edgy approach to music. The urge to get back on the stage has once again resurfaced and the man behind the success of many is now embarking on creating his own glow, as a musician in his own right. This is the moment that many South African music lovers and industry peers have waited for. If Omen’s prior successes with other artists fused with the skill for creating Hits, and a genuine love for music is anything to go by, his new project will be one hell of a masterpiece that will cement his place as one of the best the country has ever produced. Mzansi stand up for ‘The Chef’ is about to offer us a mouth watering delicacy with his debut album due out early 2011.

In 2017 Omen comes back with a hit and his new banger Nomayini ft Hitlab. Watch the official visual above.

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