Le Trev comes forth with his debut single Kiss And Tell

Kiss and Tell, initially named ‘Just As Well’, is a four minute Afro-beat number that describes the nature of Le Trev’s ideal relationship. It sees him addressing his lover about the importance of keeping things is private but not necessarily under wraps.

Le Trev is an afrobeat/hip-hop music artist that blends old-school African musical samples and techniques with contemporary and urban beats to create his distinct sound. Le Trev spent his younger years in the east of Johannesburg namely Tembisa and Edenvale where he drew inspiration to become a recording artist from the age 11. He is driven by his passion for artistic creativity and his immense respect for the music industry. He is dedicated to making a profound contribution to the development of South African arts and cultures, particularly in music.

Le Trev is looking for an opportunity to expand his horizons and penetrate more local and international markets. The notion of character is synonymous with his brand and the type of music he produces. His music not only has heart but also speaks his own truth coupled with groovy beats crossing multiple genres. Le Trev hopes to build a loyal following by providing only the freshest, most select likable, unique tunes. He is totally confident that he will be well established in the music industry with an excellent future. Have a listen or download on other platforms.

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FACEBOOK – LeTrevspace

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