UL – Fashion Fridays where every week involving in fashion were we take a look at the nice fashion pictures we came across on Instagram. If you would like your photo to be featured on the list, make sure to use hashtag #ULFF

Here it is, our favourite Fashion Fridays photos of the week:

@bonang_m – Queen B doing what she does best, Slay!

@dineomoeketsi – Dozen Roses 🌹🌹🌹🌹

@lulamawolf – The Wolf 🐺 💨 Done and Dusted!

@rushanaisaacs – We love this, Adiddo’s! Drip 💧

@symplysimi – 🎨 Let me paint the picture for you!

@jtofashion – What a combo!!! 😍

@mihlalii_n – What a wow!! 😮

@menzi_xonx – What’s a classy man without a classic car.

@_thexy – Sauce!

@denolagrey – Okay okay *Denzil Washington Voice*


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